Yogi Ram Nath Gaushala Trust Ramesh Nagr

Yogi Ram Nath Gaushala Trust Ramesh Nagr:

Yogi Ram Nath Gaushala Trust is a Non-Profit Organization, was established in the year 1994 and registered in the year 2009 as a Charitable Trust by name of Yogi Ram Nath Gaushala Trust.


Since its inception Yogi Ram Nath Gaushala Trust has been in the forefront of taking care of the Cows breeds and buffaloes breeds of India.
The Trust is also exempted under section 80 (G) of the Income Tax Act, 1961. The trust has been working seamlessly since it’s inception under the guidance and inspiration of Smt. Sudesh Manchanda, the Founder Member and Chairman of the Yogi Ram Nath Gaushala Trust. Under her able management, the trust has achieved a place of its own and has been continuously striving to keep up the objectives for which it has been set.
For the last two decades, Yogi Ram Nath Gaushala Trust is engaged in Indian Cows and Buffaloes rearing activity. We take care of Indian Cows and buffaloes not only under normal circumstances but also during break out of sudden disease by providing them better and regular checkups from the experienced medical specialists.
Some of the main objectives of Yogi Ram Nath Gaushala Trust established in New Delhi, Ramesh Nagar area as a cow trust are:-
·         To propagate and promote love for the Cow and its Virtues.
·         To work for the protection & conservation of Cow.
·         In association with Volunteers, we arrange to bring the Cattle to the Campus.
·         We care for the Stray, ill nourished and helpless Cows by providing them food, shelter and medical facilities.
·         To provide them hay, flour, fresh grass, clean water, medical attention and a place where they can recuperate from injuries peacefully.
·         To provide food, shelter and medication to Cow.
In this trust, we are trying to serve the noble cause of cow protection in a humble way. In this Gaushala, the Cows, Bulls and calves are looked after with great care and love. These Animals are never sold to Slaughter houses or abandoned even when they become old. They are maintained till the end of their lives very happily.
Apart from that, the Trust is also engaged in other welfare activity like solemnization of group marriages of poor couple’s. Needless to state, Yogi Ram Nath Gaushala Trust provides support to them in terms of Money, Clothes Inter alia others, the Trust also grants medical help to the poor, provides medical treatments to the physically handicapped and disabled or mentally retarded person, provide education, food, clothing or other help to the needy people of the society.
Yogi Ram Nath Gaushala Trust also contributes in providing education platform to poor who can’t afford their education expenses or by any means they can’t pursue their education. Our institution supports those kinds of children who are TALENTED and are willing to enhance their SKILLS and KNOWLEDGE and wants to prove them in front of the world; Yogi Ram Nath Gaushala Trust supports them with your help, by awarding them Scholarships and Education Grants, so that the ambitious students or children can see their dreams coming true.
Our main mission as a New Delhi Gaushala Trust is to promote and propagate Love and Care for Cow breeds in the hearts of the Indian Community and all over the world to make them understand the importance and needs of the Cows, rather than of just serving their Beef around the world. In Indian culture, we worship cows as “Goddess” and also named them as “Mother Cow”
“The members of Yogi Ram Nath Gaushala Trust believe that working with a Burning Desire in context to support poor and less privileged people in India, is the greatest motivator to do something meaningful.”
“Yogi Ram Nath Gaushala Trust believes that we must always look forward to support the poors, because they make sense to do, and not simply because that’s how everyone does it. We, say that Blind Faith is the enemy of all innovations.”
“Our Institution’s main approach is to create a barrier free society, where every individual has equal opportunities and access towards the services, doesn’t matter of what cast or religion they belong, or in what society they spend their life’s. We help them to cope up with the day to day problems of life.”
No. J 79, Near Ramesh Nagar Metro Station, Delhi- 110015.

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