Shri Ram Mandir Dwarka

Shri Ram Mandir Dwarka

The Delhi Bhajana Samaj (Regd) one of the oldest organizations in Delhi is pleased to dedicate the SRI RAM MANDIR situated at HAF Pocket 2, Sri Ram Mandir Marg, (Behind Siddharth Kunj Apartment, Plot No 17), Near Dada Dev Mandir Mela Ground, Sector 7, Dwarka, New Delhi to the people of Dwarka and nearby areas.

SRI RAM MANDIR complex consists of Lord Sri Ram Darbar, Lord Kameshwar (Shiva in Ling form), Devi Kameshwari, Lord Ganesh, Lord Hanuman and Navagraha in the Ground floor and Lord Ranganathar (Lord Vishnu in sleeping mode) in the first floor.

Uniqueness of the Temple:

  • Kumbhabhishekam (Pranpratishta) has been performed by learned pundits from and graced by the presence of His holiness Sankaracharya Sri Sri Jayendra Saraswati Swamigal of Kanchi Kamakotee Peetam on 4th June 2012.
  • Regular pujas are being conducted by learned Pujaris having undergone Gurukul Vedic training at Veda Patashala in Tamil Nadu and well versed with Sastras and rituals.
  • Abhishekam / Pujas / Archanas / Homams (Havans) are conducted regularly to all deities.
  • On Saturdays Special Archanas to Lord Shani Devta is performed on behalf of the devotees.
  • On Every 1st Sunday Mahanyasa Ekavara Rudra Japam & Abhishekam is performed to all dieties.
  • On Every 2nd Sunday Ganapathy Homam / Navagraha Homam (Havan) is performed against booking.
  • On Every 3rd Sunday Special Abhishekam is done to Lord Ranganathar.

About The Delhi Bhajana Samaj

The Delhi Bhajana Samaj formally came into being, as a registered body, over fifty years ago, in the year 1956. Nevertheless, it had been engaged in conducting Bhajans and other religious activities from a much earlier period. The Samaj, in its present form came into being as a result of the merger of different groups that were then engaged in similar activities, almost ever since the capital of the then India , under British rule, was shifted from Calcutta to Delhi, in the year 1911 The main thrust of their activities was promotion of communal harmony through congregational singing (Bhajans) and prayers, propagation of cultural values and righteous conduct through development of faith in God ,developing national integration through promotion of religious tourism , by arranging trips to holy places like Badrinath , Kedarnath ,Vaishnaodevi , Ayodhya , Naimisaranyam , Banares , Allahabad , Mathura , Jwalamukhi etc and even places in Nepal . Another aspect of their activities was instilling national pride by conducting discourses regularly on the lives and achievements of saint scholars of this ancient land and their teachings, all centered on righteous conduct as the root of good human behaviour. Celebration of important religious festivals like Sri Rama Navami, Gokulashtami and other connected functions and poor feeding on such occasions was also on their agenda.

In the beginning, all activities were planned and executed from a Head office in Karol Bagh, as the South Indian community was then primarily concentrated in Karol Bagh / Gole Market area. Subsequently, the population of people of South Indian origin started increasing, and getting spread out extensively. Many new Government and private colonies started springing up. It then became necessary to set up area committees in the South and North Delhi - R K Puram and Karol Bagh. For handling the affairs of this spread out Samaj, a system of area Secretaries and a Chairman and President at the top was tried out. During the period of this experiment Sri M Balan of Nestles was the chairman, for almost five years with Sri Dwarakanath acting as the General Secretary. This experiment threw up some administrative difficulties, as a result of which we reverted to the original concept of one controlling point, first at Karol Bagh, then at R K Puram, and after that at Janakpuri. The operational HQ is now in Dwarka, to which place it has been shifted, after we got the land allotted there.

Readers will be glad to know that this Samaj, had the unique privilege of having been headed by luminaries like Dr K S Krishnan, Director National Physical Laboratory, Dr M Ananthasayanam Iyengar, Deputy Speaker of the Lok Saabha, Sri S Ratnam, Managing Director of Ashoka Group of hotels, Sri G A Padmanabha Iyer, Director S D Marker and Coy, and a number of distinguished persons, like the well reputed Chartered Accountant Sri R Ganesan. They were ably assisted by painstaking Secretaries and Members of Managing Committees, too numerous to be listed here.

Special mention is to be made of Dr K S Krishnan, the Founder President and Sri K R Sankaran, who as the founder secretary and later as the President did all the early nursing of the baby Samaj. Sri K R Sankaran was succeeded, as Secretar, by Sri E Ganapathiraman. During almost a decade of service as the Secretary, the finances of the Samaj were stabilized, by Sri Ganapathiraman. His notable contribution was in helping in increasing assets by enlarging trips to holy places and publishing souvenirs etc. In making the publication of Souvenirs, a profitable source of revenue, the support received from Sri C Mallikarjunan, the then Vice President Needs special mention. The services rendered by Sri S Raju, who exercised strict control over finances in the capacity of The Treasurer also deserves mention.

Another name which deserves special mention is that of Sri S Krishanmoorthy (Recognised as Netajinagar Krishnamoorthy) who brought in a revenue of over three lakhs through three successive well brought out souvenir Presidents Vice Presidents, Secretaries and Treasurers, by themselves cannot make achieving of dazzling results easy. There are many unsung heroes, who had contributed quietly by financial support now and then when needed, organizational support, from behind the curtain for conducting big functions successfully and even enormous manual labour, irrespective of the status they enjoyed in private life. A list of Past Presidents , Vice Presidents , Secretaries and Treasurers whose dedicated services contributed to the steady growth of the Samaj and its usefulness to the Asthikas of Delhi and environs is listed separately Continuing the traditions left behind by his predecessors, Col M S Krishnamoorthy (Retd) took over as The President of the Samaj in 1982. He continues as the President even today. However on the insistence of Col krishnamoorthy, for one year, the eminent Chartered Accountant Sri R. Ganesan was brought in, in between. During Col Krishnamoorthy’s long innings of 27 odd years, still continuing, the role played by Sri Manian, popularly referred to as Bijli Mani and his sons, from the back ground, can never be adequately extolled. That was a period when The President, The Secretary, and Treasurer all worked as one soul with three bodies.Theirs was an era of slow but steady and unspectacular growth but total unanimity of thought, concord and team spirit Their primary aim was to consolidate what we already had achieved materially as well as spiritually and build on the good will for the Samaj, generated by many stalwarts in the earlier period. Their single point agenda was to get a piece of land allotted to the Samaj. In this effort, the role played by then Vice- President Sri Balasubramanim in starting our dialogue with D D A deserves special mention. Above all, the efforts put in by Sri Ramabadhran, whose frequent visits to DDA and determined follow up action in getting out the allotmen

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Temple History


HAF Pocket – 2,
Sri Ram Mandir Marg
(Behind Siddharth Kunj Aptt, Plot No. 17)
Sector – 7, Dwarka,
New Delhi – 110075 .


Darshan Timings:


  • Monday to Friday: Morning 6.30 AM to 10.30 AM and Evening 5.30 PM to 8.30 PM.
  • Saturday and Sunday: Morning 6.30 AM to 11.00 AM and Evening 5.30 PM to 9.00 PM.


  • Monday to Friday: Morning 7.00 AM to 11.00 AM and Evening 5.30 PM to 8.30 PM.
  • Saturday and Sunday: Morning 7.00 AM to 11.30 AM.

Panchang (पंचांग)

Delhi, India Thu 22 Jun 2017
Sunrise (सूर्यूदय): 05:24 Sunset (सूर्यास्त): 19:22 Moonrise (चंद्रोदय):28:33+ Moonset (चंद्रअस्त ): 17:25 Tithi (तिथि): Trayodashi upto 15:38 Var (वार): गुरु


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Branch Address: C C R T, SECTOR 7, DWARKA, NEW DELHI

Account number: 2948101052633

IFSC code: CNRB0002948

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