Tekari Rani Temple


Vrindavan well-known for its pilgrimage value for the Hindu religion is categorized as one of the most distinguished places which are very well-known for its religious tourism. Devotees who are into worshipping Lord Krishna and Radharani always make it a point to come and visit this calm and serene atmosphere of the city. All the courageous stories of Lord Krishna and Radharani that one has read all his life has only prevailed in this pilgrimage city.

Located near the Mathura Road and very close to Tekari Rani Ghat near the banks of the river Yamuna, Tekari Rani temple needs no introduction. It was built by the Queen of Tekari. It indeed is one of the finest monuments in Vrindavan which were built into Rajasthan architecture. The legend has it that it 200 years ago when the Queen of Tekari was on her way to visit Vrindavan she was attacked by some dacoits who wanted to rob her of her belongings.

She ran away protecting her beloved deity of Gopal along the banks of Yamuna River and managed safely to reach the other side of the river. It is this place where the Tekari Rani temple has been built for over 150 years now.

The temple complex built is vast and immensely extraordinary. There also exists a palace near to the temple which is surrounded by women’s quarters. There exist many appealing gardens of various trees along with a dazzling hall with deities of Lord Krishna and Radharani.

The temple has been segregated in various altars. The center altar owns a huge sculpture of Radharani along with Lord Krishna.

At the time of the evening, the temple exhibits a different aura altogether, it is indeed a delight to watch the sight of the temple after the start of the prayers. At 4o’clock in the morning one can hear the mangal aarti enchantments after which the temple immediately gets filled with the joyous air. The temple schedule goes from early morning till the evening aarti.


  • Aarti starts at 4.30 a.m.
  • Mangal Darshan for the day commences after 7.15 am till 11.00 am
  • Raj Bhog Aarti starts at 12-12.30
  • Evening Aarti will be different for the summers and the winters
  • Winters: 16.30-20.00
  • Summers: 17.00 – 20.45


  • From Delhi it is 160 KM away.
  • From Mumbai it is 1385 KM away.
  • From Kolkata it is 1327 KM away.
  • From Chennai it is 2031 KM away.


Goda Vihar, Vrindavan,
Uttar Pradesh 281121.