Shringar Vat


It is the place which commemorates the pastime of Radha and Krishna when, Sri Krishna personally decorated Sri Radharani with flowers. Shringar means to decorate and Vat means Banyan tree. Thus it’s the old Banyan tree under which Lord Krishna is believed to have decorated Sri Radharani with different flowers, ornaments and arranged her hair. It’s said that once Sri Radharani, left the rasa dance in a fit of jealousy (mana) after watching Krishna associating with all other Gopis (cowherd maiden) and hide herself at this place under banyan tree (Shringar Vat). Later on, Krishna came to the place searching for Radharani and found her sulking under the Banyan tree. While sitting under this tree he personally decorated the hairs of Sri Radharani with beautiful forest flowers and put anjana (kajal) in her glimmering eyes and also decorated her body with ornaments studded with precious gems and stones. The original Banyan tree under which both Radha and Krishna performed this pastime is no more as it broke down during flood in Vrindavan. The branch from that tree has been planted at the place which has now grown into a large tree. Inside the temple there is a beautiful painting depicting this worship able pastime of Lord Radha and Krishna. Nityananda Prabhu during his visit to Vrindavan used to stay under this Banyan tree chanting names of Lord Krishna completely absorbed in his thoughts. Sometimes he would cry and shout aloud with the intense feelings of separation from Lord Krishna. Once, during one of his ecstatic moods he listened to a divine voice saying that his Lord Krishna has already taken birth in Navadwipa and is waiting for him. After hearing this voice he immediately left for Navadwipa to meet Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. The Banyan Tree is also known as Nityananda Vat as he stayed under this tree.

Shringar Vata lies a little towards east from Imli Tal (in the direction of Keshi Ghat) on the banks of the Yamuna. A Banyan tree is called Vata in Sanskrit. The word Shringar means decoration. Thus, Shringar Vata, as the name suggests, means the Banyan tree where Krishna was decorated or the place where Krsna decorates Shrimati Radharani. Shringar Vata is also known as Nityananda Vata.

During the Rasa Dance, Krishna left the assembly of all the gopis (cowherd girls) and came here to this place, so as to be alone with Shrimati Radharani. With His own hands Krishna picked beli, chameli and other beautiful flowers that grew in the groves of Shringar Vata and personally decorated Shrimati Radharani’s hairs. There is a beautiful painting in the temple at this place depicting this historical, treasurable and worship able pastime. This place signifies that the Supreme Absolute Truth, The Cause of all causes, appears in Vrindavan as a simple cowherd boy and becomes a servant to please Shrimati Radharani.

Shringar Vata is also a very favourite pastime place of Shri Balaramaji. When Krishna and the gopas (cowherd boys) would herd cows along the Yamuna; Subala, Stoka-krishna, Shridama, Madhumangala, Arjuna, Ujjvala, Gandharva, all of these gopas would bring Krishna here and decorate His hair and His body with beautiful flowers, minerals, peacock feathers, gunja malas and other beautiful ornaments of the forest.

During His stay here in Vrindavan, Shri Nityananda Prabhu (Incarnation of Balaramji in the age of Kali as the associate of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu) spent few days here at Shringar Vata. Therefore, this place is also known as Nityananda Vata. Nityananda Prabhu performed His pastimes here as a cowherd boy in the mood of Balaramji. He would bathe, play games and splash waters in the waters of Yamuna at this place in the mood of a small child with the cowherd boys who were residing here at that time.



  • Mangla Darshan: Morning 4:30 AM.
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  • Mangla Darshan: Morning 5:30 AM.
  • Darshan: Morning 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM and Evening 4:30 PM to 8:00 PM.


  • From Delhi it is 163 KM away.
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