Nidhivana Temple


Nidhivan is one of the most famous, religious and mysterious place in the paavan city of India that is vrindavan. It has many interesting stories or myths. This van (park) is surrounded with small trees all around the van and is home of monkeys. !!Jai shree Krishna!! When nothing was there; there was always the presence of almighty god. Even after the world disaster; when everything wills extinct god will be always there and that will be the re-start of a new era.

It is believed that the water level rose in order to touch the sacred feet of small shree Krishna. It was raining a lot so to protect god from rain; shaeshnag appeared as an umbrella. It was all the leela of leeladhar to save world from sins.
Shree Krishna is shown is dark or bluish in colour. In portraits and idols, he is shown with a flute and eating butter. Butter milk was the favourite edible of Shree Krishna. A beautiful feather of peacock is always there on his head. He is always there in yellow dhoti; that’s why he is also known as “Pitambar”.

“Nidhivan temple” is a sacred temple of Bankey Bihari which is situated at Vrindavan. The wholesome part of nidhivan temple is surrounded with huge bushy forests. The name has been with the same inscription only; Nidhi means Treasure and van means forest. So it means a place which looks like forest but is the biggest treasure in human world.

Nidivan a very sacred in the religious city of Vrindavan, mysterious religious service. Recognize that the Lord Krishna and Sreeradha Nidivan Arddharatri today are staying within the LS. LS After sleeping in the coliseum Nidivan campus setting. Rang Mahal offerings today (butter candy) per day are kept. The bed is put to bed. Morning beds view appears that the course was a night to relax and offerings is also assumed. Spread over nearly two half acre of trees Nidivan USP will not direct any of these tree trunks and branches of trees and a turn down the frontage to be woven together .

Music Emperor and Dhupd Nidivan campus living tomb of the father of Mr. Swami Haridas Ji, Rang Mahal, Bankebihari come, when Radharani flute con etc scenic location. Vrindavan pandas-priest during Nidivan philosophy, which guides provide information about the Nidivan, accordingly Nidivan per night in the Ras viewing habits of Krishna blind, dumb, deaf, goes mad and crazy so He could not tell anyone about this Ras.

For this reason, after 8 pm animals, monkeys that appear on campus the day, the man, priest, etc., are all out of here. And is locked on the main campus. He stopped here the night he becomes free from worldly bonds and which have become free, their tombs in the complex remains.

With this guide also explains that in Nidivan 16000 intertwined tree you are looking at the night with them as Krishna’s 16,000 queens are Rchati ness. After RAS Sreeradha and Krishna Complex to recreate the color palace. 5:30 pm Palace of color paint brush held open for them to get wet and get stuff like Spread a bed at night and get rested.

Architectural Master Kuldeep Saluja says , the fact that the building itself is something Nidivan , which is why it has an enigmatic place and taking advantage of this situation for the sake of your interest in spreading the illusion and deceit there the pandas , priest and guide are engaged , while the truth is – Nidivan irregularly shaped walls around is paved . Mkydwar is on the west side of the complex.

Complex Nhrity angle is increased and east and east northeast subdued. Gaird talk to the 16,000 tree is completely untrue because he is so small that in 1600 the size of the premises would be too difficult and umbrella trees spread out like the branches of trees so thick and the lower height and is not too strong Monkey see in the day-night holiday in the night so that’s why they go from here.

When you enter to the temple area, there are initially bushy forests. Everywhere greenery and twisted trees. A very amazing thing about the forest that you can see as well is; all the roots, branches and the trunk of tree are hollow. There is nothing life-giving inside it; still the twigs and leaves remain lively and green throughout the year.

All the trees bend downwards and are very twisted. There is no sign of bird’s nest or some insect on tree. It is believed that these trees are nothing but the form of ‘Gopis’. After nightfall, they perform maharasleela with Shree Krishna and Radha Rani.

It is a very peaceful place which is like a miracle in present world. Throughout the day, devotees come here and offer prayers. Those with wholesome devotion feel something amazing and attractive in this place. From all over the world, devotees come here to worship the amazing and unique form of god. There is abundance of monkeys and chirping birds in nidhivan. All the priests and devotees chants mantras in this place and make the surrounding pure and religious.


All days of the week: 6:00 AM – 8:00 PM.


  • From Delhi it is 161 KM away.
  • From Mumbai it is 1385 KM away.
  • From Kolkata it is 1328 KM away.
  • From Chennai it is 2032 KM away.


Gopinath Bagh,
Uttar Pradesh 281121.