Munger Raj Mandir


Located at Mathura Road, close to Rama Krishna Mission, Munger Raj Mandir is the heart of Vrindavan. It is Sadhu Maharaja’s family temple and was built in 1932 by Sri Raja Raghunandan Prasada Singh, the grandfather of Sadhu Maharaja.

There are many appealing kadamba trees gardens and a very dazzling hall with deities of Radha Mohanji and their favoured gopis, vishakha, Lalita, Campakalata and Citra. Munger Raj Mandir is indeed a place known best for its amazing festivals.

The concept of Munger Raj Mandir was conceived by Sri Raghunandana Prasada Singh. He had visioned a place where a loving, caring and warm atmosphere is sensed into the mood of a devotee as soon as he enters the place. The temple has various deities of Lord Krishna and Radharani engraved on silver thrones. Initially, Sri Raghunandana Prasada Singh used to take (hire) trains to help bring thousands of devotees of Vrindavan-Mathura for Vraja Parikrama. Also, at that time he bought some land on Mathura road to build a dazzling temple and dharamsala for service of devotees. The temple which was built here is now divided into two different tempi called Munger Raj Mandir and Chota Munger Mandir.

The temple is divided in various altars. The center altar puts up a big sculpture of Lord Krishna and with Radharani and various others gopis like Vishakha, Lalita, Campakalata and Citra, on its sides.

At dawn, it is an impressive sight to look at since the time the prayers start. At 4 o’clock one hears the Mangala-aarti chants and the temple get filled with a zealous feel in its air.

Not many options are available for staying at Vrindavan but the temple is surrounded by some dominant hotels of the city where one can look out for budget rooms. However, accommodation is also available in the Munger Mandir guest house where one can rent out rooms for as cheap as 1000 INR per night. There is a discount available if a devotee stays for three months or more. The food, too, is included in the package.

Munger Raj Mandir also hosts a yearly program in the months of Kartika which is during the months of October and November. The hall of the temple which is used as a library in other months is used as a place to carry on seminars and prayers for Lord Krishna at this time. Also, during this time the temple also distributes the prem prasada every day for its devotees. Indeed these months are the ideal time to visit he temple.

To reach Munger Raj Mandir, one can travel by air or by train. The nearest airport is Agra Airport from where once can arrange a taxi or contact the temple for the same. If a devotee is travelling via train he needs to deboard it at Chhata Train Station or Bharatpur Station which are 26 and 42 kilometers away respectively. It takes around 40-50 minutes and around 100-120 INR to reach this place by auto-rickshaw or bus which you can easily find once you exit the railway station.

Getting down at Mathura Junction is the best option as Mathura is just 10 km away from Vrindavan and easily accessible too through auto and rickshaw.

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  • Aarti starts at 4.30 AM.
  • Darshan for the day after 7.15 till 11.00.
  • Arti and Raj bhog – 12:00 PM to 12.30 PM.
  • Evening Aarti later: Winters: 16.30 PM – 20.00 PM and Summers – 17.00 PM – 20.45 PM.


  • From Delhi it is 159 KM away.
  • From Mumbai it is 1383 KM away.
  • From Kolkata it is 1326 KM away.
  • From Chennai it is 2030 KM away.


NH2-Bhuteshwar Road,
Kishor Pura, Vrindavan,
Uttar Pradesh 281121.