Mahavidya Devi Temple


Mahavidya Devi or the Ambika Devi is the other name of goddess Parvati, the wife of Lord Shiva. It’s also believed that the original deity of the temple was set up and worshipped by Pandavas during their exile period. The deity of Ambika Devi is believed to be the kul Devi of Nand Baba (foster father of Lord Krishna) of Gokul and he often used to come to Mathura to pay his obeisance to Maa Ambika. The temple building has very common and usual Nagar style architecture. It is actually in the form of quadrangle situated on a hill with a series of 30-40 steps leading down from the main gate to the lower ground. It was built by Marathas (peshwas) towards the end of 18th century. The idol of Ambika Devi is built of white marble with its eyes very appealing. A grand mela is held every year on the 8th day of bright fortnight in the month of Chaitra (March-April) and Ashwin (September-October).

Mathura, the birth place of Sri Krishna, the eighth incarnation of Sri Mahavishnu is packed to its bounds, scores and scores of places of worship for every denomination of at Hindu gods. The temple flags fluttering in the high sky reminds as it were, though the avatarapurusha left this world, his asamana Lilas and their aroma are is still hovering everywhere in the form of temples and monuments. That priceless heritage is well preserved by many institutions and individuals with a view to emancipate the visiting theists. Several temples new and old are recreating the remarkable scenes from the days of Krishna’s boyhood.

Among them, this Mahavidya Devi shrine deserves worth visitation. It is an ancient temple deemed an august Sakti-Peetha in the past. The temple built in Nagara architectural style lies on a high plinth and attracts with its vast dimensions and eyeful sculpture. The icon of Mahavidya Devi is set up on a high lamps and it is grandly chiseled. Its eyes are its plus point and are invariably arrest the attention of viewers. They shine like bright beams of light. Daily pujas are offered with veneration.



  • From Delhi it is 163 KM away.
  • From Mumbai it is 1376 KM away.
  • From Kolkata it is 1330 KM away.
  • From Chennai it is 2022 KM away.


Uttar Pradesh 281003.