AT the foot of a hill 51 Kms. north-east of Mathura is situated the venerable village of Nandgaon. It is known as the home of Lord Krishna’s foster father Nand, in whose memory a spacious temple stand on the brow of the hill. Probably built in the middle of the 12’Th century by one Rup Singh, It consists of an open nave with choir and sacrarium beyond. Standing in the center of a paved courtyard, it is surrounded by a lofty wall which commands an extensive view of the Bharatpur hill and the level expanse of Mathura District as far as Goverdhan. Nandgaon is a religious place due to its association with the lord Krishna. It is believed that Krishna spent his childhood here and a few traces of his childhood which are mentioned in the Granthas are found here. Main places of attraction in Nandgaon are as Nanda Bhavan or Nandagram Temple.

There are two black marble Deities of Krishna and Balarama in this temple. They are both in three-fold bending forms, holding flutes. On Their left and right are two tall deities of Yasoda and Nanda Maharaja. Next to the deity of Mother Yasoda is a deity of Srimati Radharani, a small deity of Rohini (the mother of Lord Balarama) and Revati, Balarama’s wife. Next to Nanda Maharaja are two of Krishna’s friends, Sudama (maybe Sridama) and Madhumangala. The Deities in this temple were originally installed by Vajranabha. It is believed that the Deities in this temple were found by Sanatana Gosvami in a cave on the hill. This temple was built in the beginning of the 19th century by Rupa Singh. On the ceiling of the inner dome of this temple are many paintings depicting Krishna’s pastimes. This temple is on top of the Nandisvara hill.

Nandisvara Temple: On the side altar of the Nandagram Temple there is a Siva-linga called Nandisvara (Nandisvara), who is said to have been installed by Vajranabha. This linga of Lord Siva resides eternally in Nandagram performing bhajan (worship) to Sri Krishna. This is one of the five presiding Siva-lingas of Braja. These Siva-lingas protect the holy dhama from any disturbing elements. Once Lord Siva came to the house of Nanda and Yasoda and asked to see child Krishna. When Yasoda saw his frightening appearance (Lord Siva has ashes, snakes and bones on him) she would not allow him to enter. He tried to persuade her to see Krishna, but she would not agree. Lord Siva then left and went to the forest to meditate on Krishna. In the house, child Krishna started to cry and no one could stop Him. Mother Yasoda realized that maybe because she did not receive a guest properly there was some reaction. She then sent everyone to go find the tantric yogi who had come to her house earlier. After a short while they returned with Lord Siva. When Lord Siva came before Krishna, He immediately stopped crying and smiled brilliantly. Mother Yasoda then said to Lord Siva “My son has finally stopped crying, what I can do for you.” Lord Siva replied that he just wanted to be able to see child Krishna and to be able to eat the remnants of His food. Even today the priests of the Nandagram temple offer the remnants of what was offered to Lord Krishna to the Nandisvara-linga in this temple

Pavana Sarovara: This Lake is located at the bottom of Nandisvara Hill. Mother Yasoda used to bathe Lord Krishna here. This is said to be one of Lord Krishna’s favourite lakes. Nanda Maharaja and the male members of the family would take bath here. Krishna would come here after the cows would return from grazing and give the cows a bath and drink this water. Pavana means “something that purifies.” In the Mathura Mahatmya it is said, “One who bathes in Pavana Lake by Nandisvara Hill will see Krishna there along with Nanda and Yasoda and all his desires will be fulfilled.”

Charan Pahari: There is the impression of Krishna’s feet here. Charan Pahari is on the southwest side of Nandagram, close to the road that goes to Kamyavana. This place is about a 1km from Pavana Sarovara.


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