Birla Temple (Gita Mandir)


Vrindavan is a city famous for its temples and shrines where thousands of devotees come to visit the city of birthplace of Lord Krishna. One of the most beautiful temples is Gita Mandir which is located on the Mathura-Vrindavan Road. It has a beautiful deity of Lord Krishna and the best part about the temple is that Bhagvad Gita is engraved on the walls of the temple.

Situated at a distance of around 5 km from Mathura city, is the popular Gita Mandir. It is also known as Birla temple because it was built by Birla, well known leading industrialist in India. The temple has incomparable architecture along with beautiful paintings and carvings that beautifies this amazing temple. The shrine embraces within itself several images of Lord Krishna and various others lords. Believers from all corners of the world visit the temple to pay obesiences to Lord Krishna. This temple is considered to be famous for its architecture and beauty.

The temple is having an effigy of Lord Krishna for darshan, which is placed in a garbhagriha (Sanctom Sanctorum). On the outer side of the temple is a huge effigy of Lord Hanumana. In this area there is also a picture of Lord Krishna picking the Giriraj Mountain.

THe temple is open throughout the week and there is no entry charge for the temple. Worshipers can visit in the morning and offer their offering. There are small shops outside the mandir which sell sweets, flowers and other items required for the puja.


4:30 am to 1:30 pm & 2.30 pm to 9.00 pm (best to visit during morning and evening aarti).


  • From Delhi it is 164 KM away.
  • From Mumbai it is 1377 KM away.
  • From Kolkata it is 1332 KM away.
  • From Chennai it is 2023 KM away.


Mathura-Vrindavan Marg,
Garravkendra, Mathura,
Uttar Pradesh 281003.